Welcome to a new type of DNS

UH DNS is a highly scalable and fast authoritative DNS service. The domain name system is an integral part of the Internet and is responsible for a wide variety of tasks. Ensuring that your domain's DNS records are hosted by a performant and reliable provider can directly impact the uptime and performance of your services. UH DNS is a new service which combats some of the shortcomings of traditional DNS providers.

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UH DNS was engineered for speed from the ground up. It is built upon the fibre backbone of some of the largest data centres in the world. Low latency connections coupled with our efficient distributed record database ensures that DNS queries are answered as fast as possible. No more waiting for zone transfers and propagation; our authoritative servers update instantly.


Scalability is at the heart of UH DNS. Unlike traditional DNS servers which rely on horizontally scaled servers or zone transfers between multiple servers. Our service utilises a scalable distributed record database. Load balancers automatically distribute your domain's DNS requests to active servers which are created and destroyed based on demand.

Open Source

At Ultra Horizon, we believe in the open source software model. We want our customers to be able to verify that their records are hosted, queried and answered as we say. Furthermore, we want to provide you with a service that you can depend on. If a new feature is desired or a bug is found you can submit it straight to us.
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