Students taking MSc Physiotherapy are eligible for undergraduate funding support.

Please ensure you check eligibility criteria for funding before making an application.

Student Finance Loans

  • Student Finance Tuition Fee Loan (up to £9,250)
  • Student Finance Maintenance Loan (up to £9,978, students on long courses such as Nursing may be eligible for slightly more maintenance loan)

Student Finance Loans are only repayable upon leaving University once you are earning over the threshold. The amount you repay is according to the amount you earn (for students starting in 2023-24 is 9% of your earnings over £25,000 upon leaving University). Find out more information here.

Check your Student Loan entitlement

Student Finance Grants

Student Finance Grants are non-repayable.

NHS Learning Support Fund

For students studying Allied Health Professional courses such as Nursing (all strands), Midwifery, Podiatry, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, and Paramedic science.

  • Training Grant (£5000 per academic year)
  • Parental Support (£2000 per academic year for students with children under the age of 15, or under the age of 17 if they have special educational needs)
  • Travel and Dual Accommodation Expenses (reimbursement of additional placement travel and temporary accommodation)
  • Exceptional Support Fund (up to £3000 per academic year for students in unforeseen financial hardship)

University of Northampton Funding

Charitable Trusts and Grants