Student Budget Calculators

We’d strongly recommend you take our Budgeting Learning Module to devise your budget. However, if you’re short of time you can just use our University of Northampton budget calculators.

First work out your Income and Expenditure, then use the Final Budget Calculator to calculate your final budget and identify any funding shortfalls.

Once you have calculated your Final Budget, you need to map out the months when you expect to receive your funding and review your budget to avoid getting into difficulty. Our UON Financial Forecaster breaks down your income and expenditure month by month and allows you to project any funding shortfalls.

Please note: You will need to download the UON Financial Forecaster. (Please download this file from Microsoft Edge browser) It may initially open as a ‘Read Only’ file within your browser. In order to edit the document, you must open it fully from your ‘Downloads’ folder using the Microsoft Excel Application.