Worried about money over the summer? The summer fund may be able to help!

If you are worried about money over the summer? The summer fund may be able to help you. Additional funding from the University is available to support continuing students over the summer break.

The past academic year has been difficult for many of us. The Covid-19 pandemic and the implications from it have had a significant impact. If you’re worried about your finances during the summer (10 July to 18 September 2021), you might be eligible for help from the Summer Fund (Eligibility criteria apply).

Don’t wait until you have run out of money, the deadline is Friday 9 July 2021, so apply now!  

Funds are limited and there is no guarantee that you will receive an award, but you won’t know unless you apply.

To be eligible to apply for the Summer Fund, you must:

  • Be a UK (‘Home’) student*,
  • Be enrolled on a University of Northampton course (paying your tuition fees to the University of Northampton)
  • Have taken your full entitlement of statutory funding in 2020/21 from Student Finance England (or your regional funding authority) and/or NHS or the Learning Support Fund,  
  • And be continuing on your course in 2021/22!

(Other eligibility criteria may apply).

*EU Tuition Fee only students please see EU Summer Fund below.

We especially encourage applications from the following groups of students:

  • Lone parents,
  • Those who are care leavers or estranged,
  • Those who have ill health/disabilities,
  • Those with caring responsibilities,
  • Those enrolled on courses which run throughout the full year (i.e. health courses, intensive courses, etc)

However, you do not need to meet any of the categories above to apply.

Please complete the application form(including all relevant sections) and send it to us at fgapplications@northampton.ac.uk with your supporting evidence (PDF copies only) before the deadline.

I applied for the Financial Assistance Fund earlier this year, can I apply for the Summer Fund?

If you have already applied to the Financial Assistance Fund in 2020/21 and are due to continue on your course in 2021/22, we will send you a shorter Summer Fund form to complete.

If you have already applied to the Fund and are enrolled on a long course such as BSc Nursing, BSc Paramedic Science, etc, you will not usually need to complete a new Summer Fund application as you will usually have already been assessed over a 52 week period.

For further clarification, please contact the Financial Guidance team.

I am a final year student, can I apply?

Unfortunately, final year students are usually ineligible to apply to the Summer Fund, unless you are extending your course or repeating some of your study in the 2021/22 academic year. To apply to the Summer Fund, please complete the application form and provide evidence that you are continuing your studies.

Help us to help you.

Gathering together evidence may take time, but you should have all the information required to hand, please see our FAF – get it right first time information sheet for further guidance.  Please be aware that the team can only accept supporting evidence in a PDF format, and assessment of your application will be delayed if we need to request further information.

Please note: The Fund is limited and awards will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis. Receiving an award from the fund is not guaranteed.

Don’t delay, apply today!

For further information about the Financial Assistance Fund Summer Fund, visit the Financial Assistance Fund section of the Student Hub.

What about students from the European Union?

If you’re from the EU (and have applied for a Tuition fee loan from Student Finance Services or a Postgraduate loan from Student Finance England), you may be eligible to apply for the EU Summer Hardship Fund (eligibility criteria apply).  For further information about the EU Hardship Summer Fund, click here.

Other funding support is still available!

Additional support may also be available to students applying for a diagnostic test and/or paying a contribution towards DSA-recommended equipment, from a care background, foyer or estranged students, or responsible for the care of a relative due to disability or illness (eligibility criteria applies).  

The final deadline for applications and supporting evidence is 9 July 2021, subject to funds remaining available.

Reapply now for your funding for 2021/22.

If you haven’t already done so, reapply now for your student funding ready for 2021/22. The SFE deadline for continuing student applications is 25 June 2021; reapply by this date to ensure you have your money paid on time for the start of the 2021/22 academic year.

Get in touch.

If you have any queries about applying to our Funds, please get in touch by emailing fgapplications@northampton.ac.uk.

For general student money related queries, please email money@northampton.ac.uk.

How to submit supporting evidence to the Financial Guidance Team using OneDrive.

1. Login to OneDrive using your University of Northampton sign in details. (These are the same details you use to access NILE). Here is the link to the OneDrive login page.

A screen grab showing the Microsoft OneDrive sign in page.

2. Create a folder on your University of Northampton One Drive account and name it appropriately.

A screen grab showing the Microsoft OneDrive creation of a new folder.

3. Upload all the documents that you need to provide to this folder. Make sure you name all the corresponding documents correctly with a relevant name. Such as David Lewis – Monzo Current Account – 1234 – May 2021. (By naming your documents correctly and fully, it will allow for the Financial Guidance Team to be able to process and review your evidence quicker). If possible, convert all of your documentation to PDFs as it ensures that it will not change format or formatting when opened on another computer.

A screen grab showing the Microsoft OneDrive files inside a folder, The files are name in regards to the name and the corresponding documentations.

4. When you have uploaded and appropriately named your required documents to the folder. It is time to share the folder with the Financial Guidance Team so we can access your supporting evidence. To do this you need to go back to the ‘My Files’ section of you OneDrive and click on the icon next to you folders name which shows and arrow leaving a folder.

A screen grab showing the Microsoft OneDrive My Files page. This also shows how to send a link by clicking on the send link image to the right of the file name.

5. This will take you to the send link menu, where you can determine how you want to share the folder with the Financial Guidance Team. We recommend using the ‘Copy Link’ function as it allows you to send from your email provider of choice.

A screen grab showing the Microsoft OneDrive send link pop up.
A screen grab showing the Microsoft OneDrive

6. Make sure to set your link settings to ‘People in The University of Northampton with the link can view.’ If it is not automatically set to that, you can can change it by clicking the arrow to the left of whom it is sent to. You will then get a menu where you can select the relevant option and click apply.

A screen grab showing the Microsoft OneDrive send link pop up and how to change the link settings to reflect to who you want to share the link with.

7. You will then want to click on the copy link icon. This will create a URL link which you will be able to copy and share.

A screen grab showing the Microsoft OneDrive link copied screen/

8. All you finally need to do, is create your email to copy you link into. Please include your student number and what you are providing the supporting documentation for.

A screen grab showing a drafted email to the FG Applications email with the body of text containing the link to a shared OneDrive file.

If you have any more questions about the submission of supporting documentation, please contact the Financial Guidance Team.

Tips for applying for FAF

If you’re struggling financially, you can apply for the Financial Assistance Fund to help you with your living costs (eligibility criteria apply) – if you’re offered an award, you do not usually have to pay it back. The Financial Guidance team are aware that students sometimes have questions when they are making an application so we have created this post to help:

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