Hurry for the last day of Money Week!

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We launched our annual Money Week event on Monday (6th February) and as usual, it has been very popular – over the last two days, we’ve seen over 400 students!

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Money Week – Make small changes to save money!


Looking at your spending can be scary sometimes, particularly if you’re not sure exactly where your money is going. It can also be difficult to work out where you can cut back. But even if you only make small changes, you can still save money – which is hugely important if you are trying to manage a fixed income like a student loan. Try our suggestions below to stretch your finances and you might even be motivated enough to start a savings account!

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Coming soon – Money Week!


National Student Money Week (NSMW) will soon be here!

From Monday 06 – Wednesday 08 February 2017, the Financial Guidance team will  host NSMW*, focusing upon how you can make, do and mend your way towards better management of your money – instead of it managing you!

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